Australia Post Consignment Specialists

Why use a Customs Broker?

Savings. Our goal is to save you money! In fact, last year we exempted over 83% of our clients from paying the 5% customs duty.

How? Classifications, Concessions, Free Trade Agreements, By-lays, Precedents - there's thousands of duty exemptions available.

Note: If you submit a form B374 (N10), Customs are NOT obligated to inform you of duty exemptions - but our Customs Brokers are!

Speed. Receive your goods up to 8 Business Days Earlier.

Ease. Just complete a simple online form. We do everything else. (You don't even need to fill out any of those forms Customs sent you)


Personal Clients

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Corporate Clients

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Government Clients

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Australia Post Customs Clearance

With our customs brokers, it's personal.

With over 13,000 customs tariffs and 4,000 concessions you can be assured that our Customs Brokers take your consignment personally. From start to finish of the customs clearance process, the same broker who evaluates, classifies and generates your entry will also call you to personally explain why they have applied the specific customs tariffs, concessions, valuation and relevant legislation to your consignment.

If you're importing for the first time or just need a better understanding of the role of a customs clearance agent - we're here to help. We are Australia Post customs clearance specialists with many years of experience. Our brokers will gladly pass on their professional freight shipping expertise regarding your particular products and circumstances, thereby providing you with the complete logistics picture and facilitating a seamless import process.

Most Australian freight forwarding companies provide post customs clearance services, but very few offer the expertise and personalised touch of Aus-Express Customs. We pride ourselves on excellence in customer service which stems from our brokerage policy that each and every client receives a personalised service via direct communication with a licensed Customs Broker.

Whether you need a customs broker in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Canberra or any other cities in Australia, contact us today.


The Parcel Post Experts - because it's our Specialty

Why do we specialise in customs clearing Australia Post imports?
  • Your consignment is our primary business focus and therefore Our Top Priority!
    This allows us to provide you with an exceptional customer service experience.
  • Without the need for bonded warehouses, AQIS facilities and delivery vehicles we can provide a personalised service for around 1/3 the price of the industry average.
  • You can quickly and easily lodge your documents for clearance online.
  • All this means a Faster, Cheaper and Superior customs clearance service for you.

Did you know?

We DO NOT charge any of the following:
  • CMR and/or ICS fees
  • Cargo Automation fees
  • Document handling/storage fees
  • Quarantine fees for Australia Post consignments

With Aus-Express Customs Brokers you only pay for the professional services you receive, nothing extra.